Depth: 9-18m, with a drop-off

Location: Around 90 mins from centralHurghada.

Conditions: Sheltered from the wind in the bay, sometimes with a strong current, but suitable for any level of diver.


A shallow plateau with a sandy bottom accentuated by pinnacles and an oval-shaped erg in the south. In the northwest, the plateau transforms into a narrow ledge that gives way to a steep wall.


Dive plan:

The beacon on the main reef makes an excellent landmark to start a drift dive along the wall to the north. The finale to this dive takes place around the picturesque pinnacles on the plateau.


A dive from the mooring can begin with a tour to the drop-off followed by a course describing a half circle over the plateau, passing the pinnacles, and finishing back at the boat. One pinnacle in particular (the one that lies closest to the main reef) is extremely photogenic.



What to see:

Bannerfish and butterflyfish team up with parrotfish and surgeonfish close to the wall, and the sandy seabed is colonized by plenty of marine life. Moses sole, blue spotted rays and torpedo rays dig furiously in the sand for crustaceans and other invertebrates, while partner gobies and shrimps stay on the lookout from their burrows. The pinnacles are perforated by cracks and caverns bursting with glassfish.

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