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A private boat tour in the Red Sea – just for you and your loved ones, your family or with your friends. Are you looking for something special and don’t want to spend the day with other tourists? Then you’ve come to the right place. If you or your friends want to spend a day on your own boat, e.g. diving or just snorkeling, then this private boat tour is exactly for you. Whilst your captain takes you on the breathtaking tour in the Red Sea, you just lean back, relax and enjoy the ride. Spend the day in a cozy, private atmosphere with your loved ones, your family or your friends and enjoy the magic of the sea. Having your own boat gives you the flexibility to choose between the perfect snorkeling spots away from the crowds. The exclusive tour by boat is very different from the normal daily excursions. On your private snorkeling tour or diving with your guide, you swim or dive in the crystal clear warm water of the Red Sea. This tour is ideal for families or groups who would like to spend a day away from the crowds and experience the beauty of the Red Sea, both above and below the water. Both our professional team and our entire crew support you in every way and are there to make sure you have a lovely day.