Depth: 5-35m

Location: Around 80 mins from central Hurghada.

Conditions: Always sheltered and very busy on a windy day. This is a good choice for all levels of diver and suits any level of dive training.


A terrace-profiled plateau next to a shallow wall at the very south tip of Abu Ramada Island. The plateau extends as a shelf to the west, eventually yielding to a drop-off.


Dive plan:

The shelf to the west of the main reef slopes from 11 m at the bottom of the wall towards the drop-off at around 14m. Halfway, you find an eel garden swaying in the current. Further south, a hill-shaped coral formation clings to the edge of the drop-off. Just east from here, a series of pinnacles lead the way back towards the mooring lines. The wreck of an old safari boat has found its final resting place on an elevated coral garden next to the top of the reef (5m). This makes for a perfect safety stop.


What to see:

The bottom may seem lifeless at first glance, but when explored a little more, an abundance of macro life is discovered. Massive schools of masked butterflyfish, bannerfish, goatfish and sweetlips hover majestically along the wall and around the pinnacles. Free swimming morays cruise the wall, while napoleon wrasse scrutinize bypassing divers at closer range.

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