Depth: 0-14m at the main reef, leading to a sheer drop-off.

Location: Around 90 mins from central Hurghada.

Conditions: The trip over can be rough in windy conditions but there are quite a few protected mooring sites. This is a good choice for all levels of diver and training.


A mid-sized reef system with plenty of dive sites all around. The main reef sits on a sandy bottom with dispersed pinnacles and coral gardens.


Dive plan:

This reef offers many different dive environments. Torfa Abu Nugar in the north stretches in an east-west direction with a lovely coral garden. Large table corals to the north make an excellent drift dive. Gota Abu Nugar to the east is an oval shaped reef reaching the surface from a semi coral-covered bottom and is small enough to swim around in just one dive . Erug Abu Nugar in the south offers a tour from one pinnacle to another over a flat sandy bottom where there are also numerous coral blocks to explore. 


What to see:

Shaab Abu Nugar presents a huge variation of marine life. Keep an eye out for macro life like nudibranchs, as well as larger creatures. There are several cleaning stations around where groupers and snappers line up for a brush-up by shrimps and wrasses. The corals are in very good condition in most places.

SHAAB ABU NUGAR Hurghada Dive Site