Private Course

PADI & SSI VIP diving courses (individual course) You only get the best for your money. You want to do a diving course individually because you have the time or your imagination does not allow anything else? Or would you like to refresh or widen your knowledge? You have a Problem, e.g. clearing a flooded mask is difficult for you? You don’t want to be in the course with others, but rather alone with your diving instructor? Are you in an extreme hurry? You are someone who shuns the public and prefers to have a fully personalized experience. Want to learn to dive in a relaxed, professional setting in order to earn  your diving certification  Then you have the opportunity to book your courses “privately” with us, with the trainer alone to receive personal attention. You work alone with your diving instructor – only on request (boyfriend / girlfriend, Family etc..). You learn to dive with the security that you will be trained by our experienced instructors who will make it an enjoyable experience. The courses are suitable for beginners and advanced learners. We are open to almost everything that brings you to your goal – provided that course content and procedure allow it according to the standards. Just sign up for your VIP course – we will recommend one that is appropriate for what you want to achieve.



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