Depth: 8-14m

Location: Around 90 mins from central Hurghada.

Conditions: Sheltered from the wind behind the reef, this site suits any level of divers and training, but beware the possibility of strong currents.


The boats are moored on the south side of a tongue of the reef stretching in an easterly direction. A maze of ridges and ergs spread to a dramatic underwater landscape north of the main reef, and an exquisite coral garden to the northwest.


Dive plan:

This site is a natural dirft dive. You drop on the most beautiful coral garden cascading down from the top of the reef towards the seabed at 14m. Here a labyrinth of coral formations offer a spectacular sight with the light from the waves above, playing over the bright white sand patches. To the south of this maze is the wall of the main reef sloping from 8-1 Om up towards the surface. This is like a Japanese garden, with hard coral growing on top of each other. Typically, the nutrient rich water has made the north side of the reef wall sparkle with life, whilst the south side is effectively dead.


What to see:

The main feature of this site is the dramatic underwater landscape although the marine life is interesting in many ways as well. The hard corals mean plenty of opportunities for keen photographers. Big porcupinefish and giant pufferfish rest in the sand, as well as many different types of ray. You would be very unlucky not to find stonefish here.

SHAAB SABINA Hurghada Dive Site