Depth: 15-20m leading to a sheer drop-off

Location: Around 90 mins from central Hurghada.

Conditions: Like Umm Gamaar, located in open sea, hence exposed to weather. Some experience required for the deep wall dive.


Oval shaped reef circled by a shelf at a depth of 15-30m that on the west side widens to a sandy flat. On the east side, it narrows down to a ledge.


Dive plan:

This exposed reef has claimed at least three ship wrecks. The south plateau can be dived from the mooring. It’s a sloping semi-covered coral garden with small pinnacles. Here are the remains of an Egyptian army-supply ship that sunk while enroute to Shedwan Island. The east side is a natural drift dive from the north along an impressive wall where another of the wrecks, the dive safari boat Colona IV, lies. Unfortunately she’s at a depth out of reach for recreational divers. 


What to see:

In the afternoon this is one of the few places in Hurghada with fairly good chances to see grey reef sharks. You may also encounter giant morays, large groupers and napoleon wrasse. Pelagics like tuna and big eyed trevally also often hunt here.