Depth: 7-12m

Location: Around 45 mins from central Hurghada.

Conditions: Located in the Magawish area this site is to some extent protected behind the islands even though it can be choppy on a windy day.


Two ergs sit divided by a narrow channel. There is a smaller erg to the west, and the larger erg to the east is shaped like a heart. It has a tight canyon-like passage leading up to the top.


Dive plan:

At the outer limits of this dive site swaying sea grass covers a large portion of the bottom, whilst small coral blocks and table corals are spread out over the sandy flats dominating the closer perimeter. Some current can be expected funnelling through the narrow channel as the tide moves in and out, but normally it’s not strong enough to cause any trouble. A ‘figure of eight’ route is ideal here.


What to see:

Barracuda often hover just below the surface in the channel waiting for food to swim by, while both ergs are populated by scorpionfish, parrotfish, butterflyfish and angelfish. Schools of sweetlips, goatfish and bannerfish are concentrated by the side of the reef walls, and the sandy bottom is inhabited by gobies and their shrimps.

SHAAB ESHTA Hurghada Dive Site