Depth: 8-15m

Location: Around 45 mins from central Hurghada.

Conditions: Like Shaab Eshta, this site is located in the Magawish area and is somewhat protected behind the islands, even though it can be choppy on a windy day. This site suits any level of diver and is excellent for entry level training.


Two oval shaped ergs separated by a 60m long coral garden running from east to west.

Dive plan:

There are mooring lines on the south side of each erg so you might start your dive on either one of them. They are both hill-shaped, and the hard corals in the shallows are in truly fantastic condition. The eastern erg has a huge brain coral at its end pointing in the direction of the coral garden making it look like a turtle resting on the bottom. At the other side there is a small cavern inhabited by a group of glassfish and a red tooth grouper chasing lionfish away to defend his supply of fresh food. The western erg is smooth-shaped and sits on a flat sandy bottom. A ‘figure of eight’ route here should take you about 45 minutes in a relaxed tempo.

What to see:

Both ergs are covered by typical petite reef fish like bicolor puller, blue green puller, arabian damsel and humbug damsel. Endless schools of sergeant major and goatfish sweep across the top and it’s not unusual to see free swimming moray eels amongst the coral garden

SHAAB PETRA Hurghada Dive Site