8-12m close to the reef, drop-off 19-27m 

Location and Diving Conditions: 

Around 30 mins from central Hurghada.

Good for any conditions with protected moorings. This is ideal for all levels of diver and excellent for training.


The fanous (beacon) that has given the site its name is placed on the top of the main reef. It’s a shallow wall rising from a sloping sandy bottom with spread out coral blocks and a few spectacular pinnacles.

Dive Plan: 

The wall on the east side of the main reef is absolutely best on the shallow part with schooling fish playing in the surge. Table corals and small coral blocks flourish over the flat sandy bottom, which extends from the wall providing plenty of hiding places for bottom dwellers.


Some 20m from the northwest corner of the reef, two spectacular pinnacles elevate from the sea floor, covered with soft corals. The pinnacles are split up by cracks and cavities that are a dream come true for photographers. There is a sloping drop-off to the east but time is better spent around the pinnacles and the wall.

What to see: 

Glassfish and silversides in clouds trying to escape constant attacks from jackfish and lionfish offer a never ending show around the pinnacles. Crocodilefish and blue spotted rays lie camouflaged in the sand. It is also fairly common to encounter a pod of dolphins here. Schools of surgeonfish, tangs and unicornfish create a rainbow of reflections on the surface making the safety stop a pure pleasure.

FANOUS EAST Hurghada Dive Site