10-30m at the main reef, terracing down to 60m+

Location and Conditions: 

Around 80 mins from central Hurghada.

Often exposed to weather and strong current. Some experience required for the deep parts.


This site is also known as Camel Reef. It comprises a big erg with three peaks on a long plateau, with a sandy bottom that turns into a coral garden to the north. Situated on the southeast side of Abu Ramada Island.


Dive plan:

Depending on the current this site can be heaven or hell. On a good day, with insignificant current, you can start from the mooring and head out to investigate the rich marine life of the coral garden that slopes down both to the east and west.


You can then turn around and finish the dive around and between the peaks of the erg itself. Here you get a spectacular safety stop around the top. You are guaranteed to find many perfect camera angles here.


What to see:

Due to the often strong current, together with a somewhat unprotected location, this site has managed to stay in pristine condition. The erg is covered with soft corals and anthias. In caverns and cracks, great schools of glassfish find sanctuary from luring scorpionfish and lionfish. Crocodilefish find refuge under table corals, and moray eels often swim around the peaks in the company of napoleon wrasse and all sorts of schooling fish.

ERG ABU RAMADA Hurghada Dive Site