6-25m next to a drop-off to 60m+

Location and Conditions:

Around 90 mins from central Hurghada. Protected moorings in the lagoon, but the trip here can be choppy on a windy day. This is good for all levels of diver and excellent for all levels of training.


Abu Hashish Island is enclosed by an extensive reef situated on a flat sandy plateau, leading to a steep drop-off. At the south end a shallow lagoon scattered with ergs gives shelter for the moorings.

Dive plan:

There are many good dives around Abu Hashish, which people say took its name from the contraband that passed through here. The most common dive is probably to go from the mooring, through a narrow channel in the reef, out to the drop-off, and then turn back swimming along the wall.

Inside the lagoon there are numerous ergs and pinnacles that offer a protected environment. This is often used for courses. A drift from the north is yet another option, with a quick trip to the drop-off, followed by multi-levelling towards the safety stop before entering the lagoon.

What to see:

In the lagoon you often find cornetfish, and a squadron of bigfin reef squid hovering in formation. Hooded cuttlefish traverse the bottom, rapidly changing colour and texture as a disguise. On the other side of the narrow channel, out on the wall, a big red octopus wanders around, trusting his camouflage to protect him from predators.