20-35m, with a drop-off 100m+

Location and Diving Conditions: 

Around 80 mins from central Hurghada.

Like Small Giftun drift, this site is often exposed to weather and strongcurrent. Experience beyond entry level required for the deep plateau.


A plateau gently sloping from 20-35m, extending from the north end of Abu Ramada Island transforming into a vertical wall. The mooring is situated inside a small bend in the wall.

Dive Plan: 

This site is best as a drift providing that the current comes from the north. Drop in front of the end of the reef and make your way towards the drop-off. Here the strength and direction help you decide how to continue.


You can either follow the edge of the plateau up north for a few minutes, or set off directly towards the mooring. Beneath the edge you find a chimney from 30-24m right where the plateau gives way to the wall. Multi-level your way up to safety stop level and spendthe last part of the dive where the sun sparkles through the cracks of the top reef.

What to see during your dive: 

Schools of giant barracuda fight with big eye trevally and yellowfin tuna over the fusiliers sweeping across the plateau. Turtles feed from the soft corals and squadrons of up to 12 eagle rays have been seen flying by in formations. Lionfish and groupers stake out groups of glassfish hiding in cavities. Keep an eye out for sharks cruising the deeper water.

NORTH ABU RAMADA Hurghada Dive Site